Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Plan G

Medicare Plan G

After Plan F, Medicare Plan G comes as the second most favorite Medicare supplement. Though Plan F offers a multitude of benefits, Plan G isn’t all too different. For people who want to pay small deductibles throughout the year, Medicare Plan G provides excellent value.

Once a person pays his deductibles, Plan G fills all the gaps left by the usual Medicare. From your hospital to your copays and coinsurance, it covers everything. At Medicare Plans A-Z, we help you understand if this Plan is suitable for you. We have developed an expertise for several years in the field to get your Medicare insured with top-performing plans.

How It Works

Plan G offers the same benefits as those of Plan F, except for the Part B deductibles that consist of out-of-pocket costs. As your out-of-pocket costs reach the Part B deductibles ($198 as of 2020), you must pay the 20% Part B medical costs that the plan did not cover. While most plans do not include the excess charges from Plan B, Medicare Plan G comes to your rescue.

However, most people compare Plan G to Plan F due to the premiums and benefits each offer. But since Plan F has been discontinued (until you’re at least 65 years of age by 1st January 2020), the G Plan becomes the most cost-effective option to cover your out-pocket medical costs.

Even if you want to go for Medicare Supplement Plan G, your options are open, or if you’re going to switch your current plan to Plan G, Medicare Plans A-Z can help you evaluate your choices and see what’s best for you.

What Does It Cover

While the original Medicare only covers the necessary costs, Medicare Supplement Plan G covers the shares you have to pay for the hospital and medical benefits. The only costs excluded are outpatient deductible costs, which means that if you visit a doctor who isn’t associated with Medicare, you will have to pay for the charges from your pocket.

However, it covers you for inpatient hospital costs, such as hospice care, skilled nursing, and blood transfusions, etc. Other outpatient medical services that it covers include your visits to the doctor, lab tests, medical equipment, x-rays and imaging, surgeries, diabetes supplies and much more. Here, Medicare pays first, and then you pay the deductibles for the rest of the year.


Medicare Plan G supplement includes the following benefits:

  • Part A hospital coinsurance and hospital costs up to a year after you’ve used up your original Medicare plan
  • Part A and Part B coinsurance and copayment
  • Part A deductibles
  • Part B excess costs
  • First 3 pints of blood for medical procedures (free of cost)
  • Skilled nursing care coinsurance
  • Limited foreign travel for emergency medical care
  • Excellent coverage (pays over $1,400 in hospital deductibles)

Why Should You Consider Medicare Plan G

Lower premiums are a great way to start with Plan G. It is also a long-term rate saver. The trend rate increase from year to year is lower as compared to Plan F in some states.

For some time, Medicare Supplement Plan G has had an increase of 3% or less, which is considerably lower than year-to-year in Plan F rare increases. The best thing is, if you had plan F (that paid your Plan B deductibles for the current year) and want to switch over to Plan G, you won’t have to pay the deductibles until the coming year.

Choosing Medicare Plans A-Z

Want to get Plan G? We’re ready to help!

Whether you’re new to Medicare or want help with some plan upgrading or switching, our licensed professionals are just a call away. We will guide you through each step with complete details of the plan that should benefit you in the long run. We also check plan rates from several carriers to provide the lowest premium offer that you can get. Enroll with us today to get the best offer!